The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) of HKSAR reminded the recycling trade that following amendments to the Basel Convention, the department will enhance the import and export control of waste plastics in Hong Kong from 1 January 2021. Any person who imports, exports or re-exports “regulated waste plastics” into, from or via Hong Kong must apply for the relevant waste import/export permit in accordance with the Waste Disposal Ordinance or obtain consent from the EPD in advance. As for importing, exporting or re-exporting “non-regulated waste plastics” into, from or via Hong Kong, a declaration form and relevant documents should be submitted to the EPD in advance for record purposes. 

The EPD will hold briefings again at October 2020 to explain to the trade the details of the Guidelines. Members please call 3178 9355 for enquiries and enrolment for the briefing. 

For enquiries, please contact the EPD at 2835 2311. 

For details, please see:
Enhanced waste plastics import and export control to take effect on 1 January 2021

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