On 11 August 2020, the United States Customs and Border Protection (“USCBP”) announced that the imported goods produced in Hong Kong may no longer be marked to indicate “Hong Kong” as their origin but must be marked to indicate “China”. After the end of the transition period on 9 November 2020 (US time), this new requirement will be implemented.

The HKSAR Government is clarifying certain important implementation details with the US authorities through the Economic and Trade Office in Washington to decide on the way forward. The Government will carefully consider if the US’ measures contravene World Trade Organisation rules and will maintain liaison with and provide clarification to the trade.

For enquiries, please contact Ms KY Ho of the Trade and Industry Department (“TID”) at 2398 5405.

For details, please see:
TID’s Commercial Information Circular No. 623/2020

GUIDANCE: Additional 45-day Compliance Period for Executive Order 13936 – Hong Kong Normalization

HKSARG Strongly Objects to US’ New Rule on Origin Marking of Hong Kong Products

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