FHKI Group 20 (HKTSC) held its annual dinner on 22 February, which was attended by nearly 100 members. The event provided a platform for members to exchange information on the latest market trends and network with one another.

Dr. Solomon from the International Association of Aromatherapy was invited to share the growing popularity of aromatherapy in recent years. The presentation was informative and engaging, providing attendees with valuable insights into this emerging market trend.

As part of the event, a lucky draw session was held, offering mysterious gifts and table prizes to enrich the atmosphere and add to the excitement of the evening. All guests returned from the event feeling satisfied and rewarded by the valuable connections and experiences gained.

The FHKI Group 20 (HKTSC) is committed to providing its members with opportunities to stay up-to-date on industry trends and connect with fellow professionals. The annual dinner is just one of the many events organized by the group to facilitate knowledge sharing and networking within the industry.

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