The Commercialising STEM Certification Framework Signing Ceremony cum STEM+A Future Development Sharing Session successfully concluded on 3 May 2024 (Friday). The event was honoured by Prof Sun Dong, Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry, who was the officiating guest and Tony Wong Chi-kwong, Government Chief Information Officer, who was the presenter of STEM Mark certification. The occasion was well attended by about 130 market leaders and experts from new industries, I&T, and education sectors. Together, they witnessed the close collaboration between FHKI and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) towards nurturing talents in innovation and technology.

During the Signing Ceremony, Prof Sun Dong, Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry, Steve Chuang, FHKI Chairman, Peter Shum, FHKI Vice Chairman, Prof Jin-Guang Teng, President of PolyU and Prof Wing-tak Wong, Deputy President and Provost of PolyU, joined to witness Bonnie Chan, FHKI Director-General, and Prof Christopher Chao, Vice President (Research and Innovation) of PolyU, signing the Agreement, heralding a new chapter of strategic partnership between FHKI and PolyU.

The Framework was successfully launched and, also, establishing Hong Kong’s inaugural STEM Mark earlier this year. A total of 35 STEM products and services have received the STEM Mark certification and these respective companies were recognised at the Signing Ceremony.

Several sharing sessions were conducted, including the "Introduction of STEM Mark Certification Programme," "Dialogue with Certified 'STEM Mark' Companies," and "Exploring the Future Development of 'STEM+A' Education." FHKI Vice Chairman Peter Shum, along with industry leaders, presented the STEM Mark Certification Programme, addressing key considerations for certification and strategies to boost the competitiveness of STEM products. Additionally, scholars and industry experts discussed the evolving landscape of STEM+A (STEAM) education, aiming to align with future economic trends and foster a new generation of talent for emerging industries and the innovation and technology sectors in Hong Kong.

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