FHKI is an internationally recognised organisation for providing certification of documents services. Our certification enhances document credibility and facilitates international trade. We also provide one-stop-shop service to facilitate your application for consulate legalisation on the certified documents.


Recognised Worldwide

FHKI’s certified documents are recognised by customs administration, consulates, banks and traders from all around the world.


Comprehensive Services

FHKI provides various certification of documents services such as commercial invoice, packing list, sales contract and more.


Expeditious Service

Certification of documents can be completed within 1 hour.

Types of certification

Type A 9 specified trade documents namely Certificate of Origin (Overseas), Import/Export Trade Declaration, Packing List, Bill of Lading, Air Waybill, Certificate of Vessel, Conformity Certificate, Non-manipulation and Annex to CO for Mexico
Type B Documents other than Type A above, e.g. Contract , Price List, BR Certificate, Free Sale Certificate, etc.
Type C Commercial Invoice


How to apply

Submit the completed application form and payment to one of the certification offices.

Documentary requirements:

Click here for certification fees and payment methods.

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