FHKI Intellectual Property Centre provides one-stop services, no matter it is a corporate or SME, in the manufacturing or service sectors, we offer tailored solutions to suit your needs and assist you in obtaining protection by registering trademarks, patents and designs in 100+ countries.


Professional Team

With a history of more than 20 years, our centre has a team of specialists ready to provide you with reliable services on IP registration.


Global Partners

We collaborate and build strong ties with 100+ partners from mature markets like the US and Europe, as well as emerging markets such as the Mainland, Southeast Asia and Africa.


One-Stop Services

We offer one-stop services, including free consultation, application strategy advice and review, IP search and analysis, application and registration, patent specification drafting, infringement issue advice, IP licensing or assignment registration and more.


Showcase Your IPs on AsiaIPEX

We are a strategic partner of Asia IP Exchange (AsiaIPEX). We can list your IP information (e.g. trademark, patent and registered design) in the platform database to connect you with buyers and business partners from around the world.


Free Consultation & Enquiries

FHKI Intellectual Property Centre
Tel: 2732 3182 / 2732 3180
Email: ipc@fhki.org.hk

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