Group 1
Hong Kong Chemical & Biotechnology Council
Group 2
Hong Kong Building Materials & Construction Industries Council
Group 3
Dyeing and finishing
Group 4
Hong Kong Electrical Product Council
Group 5
Hong Kong Electronics Industry Council
Group 6
Energy and power
Group 7
Fabricated metal products and iron, steel and non-ferrous metal basic industries and machinery
Group 8
Food, beverages and tobacco
Group 9
Hong Kong Footwear, Bag and Leather Accessories Council
Group 10
Hong Kong Furniture Council
Group 11
Jewellery including handicraft items of jade and ivory
Group 12
Knit garments and other knit made-up goods
Group 13
Multi-Textiles and Fashion Accessories Council
Hong Kong Mould & Die Council
Group 15
Hong Kong Plastics Industry Council
Group 16
Printing and book binding and paper products
Group 17
Hong Kong ProServices Council
Hong Kong Toys Council
Group 20
Hong Kong Trade Services Council
Group 21
Transport & Logistics Services Council
Group 22
Hong Kong Watch & Clock Council
Group 23
Group 24
Woven garments and other woven made-up goods
Hong Kong Information Technology Industry Council
Group 26
Environmental Industries Council
Group 27
Automobile, aeronautical and advance components
Group 28
Spectacles and optical products
Group 29
Fur and leather garments
Group 30
Innovation and Creative Industries Council
Group 31
Hong Kong Automation Technology Council
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